Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

If you repeat a lie often enough...

Yesterday I ranted quite a bit over googles first attempt ever at raising the stupidity-and-bullshit bar. [link]
Sadly this tragic episode in the lifecycle of google is not even close to over. I guess some people over there are engaged in full reality denial mode. Or simply stupid like a rock.

Hello All,

We've noticed the question of "Why not give us an option or setting for this change" has come up quite a bit, so I just updated my main post with an answer to this. I'm re-posting here so everyone gets an email notification as well.

Why isn't this change optional?
In an ideal world, we would love to give our users total control over installing extensions from off web store. However, on desktop operating systems, we don't have a way to protect such a setting from being automatically modified by malicious software. Any option that a user could set could also be set by such a program. Given this, the only way to protect against this bad software is to restrict items to the Chrome Web Store.

Now if you happened to be in the same room with me and knew me very well you might notice a small tick in my right eyelid. That's never a good sign. As a 9gagger recently put it: I don't have a short temper, I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.

To be honest, that post more or less speaks for itself. There's the old lie that this is about protecting the user (explained in detail in my last post that was also posted to this very thread on the google chrome forums) and that there is no other way to protect the poor little lambs. No mention of the fact that they left two loopholes the size of the Brandenburger Tor open, not to mention that their were actually valid propositions that had a chance to actually work. Work against both the real threat of unwanted manipulation of the browser settings as well as against the bogus threat of weird extensions appearing where they shouldn't be.

There's just a simple question left: Is this whole issuea genuine fuckup or a new corporate policie flashing through the clutter for the first time?

Now there's a real question I'd actually love to get an answer to...

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